Saturday, June 24, 2006

ugly ducklings

I did it like this
I did it like that
I did it like this
I did it like that
I did it like this
I did it like that
Now Ugly Duckling's gonna take you back
I did it like this
I did it like that
I did it like this
I did it like that
I did it like this
I did it like that
Now Andy Cooper's gonna take you back

To the planet, rock
I used to produce hip-hop
Poundin' rhythms with my hands on my school desk top
'Till my teacher would make me stop
I'd wait for recess
Then I'd beat box at a pop block contest
At home I'd slide across my kitchen floor
Doing moonwalks
All I needed was my windbreaker and some new socks
Not to mention the extension cord adapter
To attatch a little radio that was my ghetto blaster
I remember making my first songs, no sound board
Just messin with the tape deck pressin record
And Pause
There were flaws in the tape and hiss
But now I'm an Ugly Duckling and do it like this
We take a beat in a rap
And then delete it to track
Then keep repeating it back
'Till it's completed intact
So that the people react

Out of they seat and they clap
From the petite to the fat
On every street on the map
So when my brother laughed and my dad said it was a fad
I went into my room with a pen and a pad
And wrote a little rap about my fat cat
Now I'm the cat with the phat rap
And I did it like that

Friday, June 23, 2006

inside out

The doors of Cath├ędrale Saint-Etienne in Cahors from the inside and the out. What nice doors. Maybe more old French doors to come, like, who knows hey?

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

the week that was

I love St Gery. I love the D662. That is where I was last week.

Monday, June 19, 2006

new ep

A brand new EP by a very favourite band of mine. The Mogwai t-shirt just happens to be reflected there, but for once they weren't the real magic, the record of the week. Toulouse was nice and they made Toulouse nicest. I hope that one day I may see them play, until then thank you, Agora Fidelio, for the music.

Friday, June 02, 2006


It is Friday, but this cheered me up no end earlier in the week. Like nerdy things do. It is the lifeshirt and uncool beyond words. There should be an option at the bottom of my iPhoto window...

if only

Self portrait time. Most of the time I wish that I could make a noise like Mogwai do. I realise just how glorious the noise is each time I really hear them.

yes! I am a long way from home. And I am truly sad today, like you are when you realise how far there is to go on a journey that you didn't want to set out on. Like when you realise that no matter how hard you wanted to trust, a lie, in a moment, can turn into hours and days of grief. And then who knows what is true anymore?