Monday, February 22, 2010

what to do?

...with some photographs. It is a question I occasionally ask myself. Who is going to be interested, and for what reason? So when there is an image like this one, that I am not 100% certain about (in that I kind-of-like it, but am not confident that it is good enough to share), it ends up never leaving a hard drive on my desk.

And that doesn't seem right either. So here it is; an experiment. I like it because it is quiet, calm, a private moment before sleep, it does look like typical Erica. And I'm not sure, because there is not quite enough of her face (does there need to be?...) and sometimes the shape of it all seems confusing, distracting...

But maybe it is better that you get to see it and judge for yourself than if it is left to slowly drop down lower, just one of the rows and rows of thumbnails.