Thursday, November 08, 2007

back to skool

DSC_1657 m.jpg, originally uploaded by altitudezero.

Been at Hull College learning some new (maybe) stuff. This is a post to test out blogging from Flickr. There is a link to my photostream there in the sidebar. Lets test...

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McFiend said...

Freeze frame-tastic!

No seriously, nice work my amigo, as always.

First impressions of Leopard :

Very, very quick. Networking, Finder and Spotlight much quicker than before.

New Dock, Stacks and some interface tweaks are superfluous and ill judged, but we will get used to them.

It's been rushed. There are some weird things that don't seem quite right yet, though nothing on the biblical disaster scale of a major Windoze release. Just bits and pieces.

On the whole, very shiny! But be careful that your mission critical software will work on it before you plunge.