Monday, October 24, 2005

looking back

I have been listening to these over the last few days.

Julia - a recording of the first gig that I played with them on the occassion of Amnesty International's whatevereth anniversary in 1999.

Belly Button was a band that Murray and I came across when he had a band called Sauce. They were kind of the same because they only had bass and drums.

Day Rover - Valid For One Day was the first Day Rover recording made in August of 1994 or 95 (will have to check). Recorded in single takes - as with all Day Rover material - in Jon's bedroom in Halifax over a weekend or so. A concept album of sorts, it recounts the tale of a trip to Leeds, via Halifax library (to borrow some Wolfsbane albums - Blaze Bailey had just joined Iron Maiden) and back through Huddersfield. All in all quite an adventure.

Kordial - Sauce with Boris on guitars and more. These are some of the sounds of late teenage years, growing up in the Lot. Jynx was right, these tracks need re-recording to do them justice...

Day Rover - 120 Hours of the Greatest Number 2 Hits of the Seventies was I think , our third and possibly final album. I understand that Jon did once sell a copy. For a pound.

Ah, memories. I should be in a band again. Not because I am good, but because I need the music.

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Curehead said...

Bob Sinclair - Love Generation. Record of the summer!