Friday, October 07, 2005

on one

In recent months I have found myself once again travelling as nature intended me to. That is to say at the controls of a reasonably expensive mountain bike. I bought this one mainly as a hack to get me to work, but with the potential for some weekend antics when real hills and dirt trails are available (sadly not much single track inspiration within happy pedal-commuting distance of here).

Finally I own a bike with those beautiful five piece wishbone seat stays, maybe one day I will find a DeKerf at the right time... We haven't done any real off-road yet and for fast stuff and long open climbs I think that the Inbred will be rather good. I do feel that this is not quite the chuckable little bike that I am really looking for to throw myself down impossibly tight woodsy singletrack on. Maybe if I had found a 16" rather than this 18" frame we would have been happier. For now I have to curb the urge to try and pull off huge coaster wheelies until I get a shorter bike, or I grow up. OK, so I am still looking then.

But for now, for fast Greenwood Ave work, cutting through the traffic on Fat Boy slicks, this bike is not bad at all.

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