Wednesday, October 05, 2005

welcome home

For about two months I have had a Golf with the engine in bits in my garage.

Finally at the weekend we heard the burble of the ridiculous Scorpion exhaust (which will go when I have got over the cost of rebuilding the top end of the engine...). Running again - after a fashion - after so long. For now it stalls as soon as there is no throttle, but I am spending time with my new mechanic friend on Saturday to hopefully cure this and then we should be away.

So goodbye cambelt housing on top of the freezer, goodbye inlet and outlet manifolds cluttering any other spare surfaces, no more tripping over torque wrenches or socket sets... Hopefully we might be able to just do some driving at the weekend.

Incidentally Hannu and I have something to celebrate today (but have no time, so this weekend). It is six years since we met and started going for random drives to places by the sea or otherwise. I hope that we will be able to do the same on Sunday...

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